Well, today marks one month. The longest and shortest month of my life. For the last week, I've been reflecting on the past month and those last few days. I can't help but feel so grateful. From all the love and support from friends and family to those last precious moments in the hospital... I'm … Continue reading grateful


I can't believe it's already been over 3 weeks. But at the same time, it still feels like April.  My brain can't process that it is June, and almost July.  I'm stuck in this weird time warp where time passes by so fast, and yet, so slowly at the same time. My exhaustion is finally … Continue reading gushing


The number of days since you've been gone. It feels like yesterday, it feels like an eternity. That seems to be the theme in my emotions the past few days... mixed and opposite. I'm also starting to miss the little silly things, like adding goodies to my wishlist for you because I know how much … Continue reading seven