I finally received it.  Over a year and a half later.  I received the keepsake necklace that came with his memorial service package. Isn’t it weird that when you die, if you don’t have plans already set out for your services, that most funeral homes have packages for your family to choose from?  I mean, … Continue reading fingerprints

vision > clarity

vision: the uncertainty, the unclear. When something terrible happens to you, the knee-jerk reaction is to ask “why me?” This seemed to be the case when Kenny passed away.  Everyone kept asking why. “Why Kenny?” “Why so young?” “Why the good ones?” “Why?” I’ve been asked multiple times if I’m still angry or when did … Continue reading vision > clarity

a story

“Maybe I'll write like Twain wrote Maybe I'll paint like Van Gogh Cure the common cold, I don't know But I'm ready to start cause I know in my heart I wanna do something that matters, say something different Something that sets the whole world on its ear I wanna do something better with the … Continue reading a story


thirty: three zero   Well, I’m thirty.  I have officially begun my 31st year.  Physically here on this earth. Honestly, I was excited to turn 30.  I know, right?  Who am I? However, I had this picture in my head when I was younger of what a 30 year old was supposed to be.  Not … Continue reading thirty


It’s overwhelming some days. Unbearable, actually. Some days I have this indescribable guilt for being happy. When a loved one dies, they don’t hand you a “Grieving for Dummies” book and wish you luck. There are no set rules or even guidelines on how to grieve, how long you should grieve, or what grieving looks … Continue reading guilt


6 months. Half a year. 180 days. A couple of months ago, I was given the best analogy from a dear friend for the feeling I've been experiencing the past few of months.  You know, the feeling when you have been out in the frigid cold, your fingers and toes get so cold and numb, … Continue reading six


All the firsts, each milestone anniversary, birthday, life event... I'm constantly made aware of everyone's... as much as I'm truly happy for them, it's so bittersweet. I chose to do life with you thinking I would get to share all of those with you.  But I won't.  One day, hopefully, someday, it will be with … Continue reading bittersweet


Our purpose of this blog was to shed light on our lives and hopefully help others going through a similar situation. However, since Kenny's passing, my personal hope for this blog is to show anyone who takes the time to read it that life is never perfect, and it is never like you hope and … Continue reading loyalty