6 months. Half a year. 180 days.

A couple of months ago, I was given the best analogy from a dear friend for the feeling I’ve been experiencing the past few of months.  You know, the feeling when you have been out in the frigid cold, your fingers and toes get so cold and numb, but as soon as you come inside where it’s nice and warm, your fingers and toes begin to thaw and warm up… it’s that tingling, slightly painful, feeling.  But as you thaw, your fingers and toes begin to get their feeling back and are no longer cold and numb.

I’m finally starting to feel again.  And starting to feel like myself again.

I never expected my story to change the way it did.  This was not the middle or end I was planning for or anticipating.  However, as my dear friend helped me realize, my story isn’t over – I’m just going to have a different middle and end than we all thought they would be.  In fact, once it’s all done, this will be my story, all chapters – good and bad.

And well, let’s be honest, sometimes the stories with the unexpected, surprise ending turn out to be the best stories…

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