love after love

What is love after love?

Is it possible?


What does it look like it?

Who knows.

Will it be the same?


It’ll be different.  It’ll be different because I’m different…

Just like after the loss of a pet, a miscarriage, a divorce, any loss of something near and dear to your heart, you won’t love the next one any less.  In fact, you may love them better – with a softer and stronger heart.  Your heart will carry a different shape.  One that’s different from the first loss.  One that’s different from the lessons you learned.

A new perspective, a different outlook.

The loss shaped and changed you – how could you expect to love the same as before when you yourself are a different person?

Having said this doesn’t mean I won’t be the same girl who’s supportive, loyal, faithful, lovable, stubborn, sensitive…. But, I am a different girl in the aspect that I am all of these things in a different light.  A better light.  I’ve learned what it truly means to stick by one another no matter what, no matter the circumstances.  That’s not to say it was easy or will be any easier in the future.  I can just see it through a new and sharper lens.

I now know and understand the true meaning of love and friendship – in all the love I give.




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