What I learned on my drive to Portland

Yesterday, I had two {subtle, but monumental} aha moments.  Moments that I’ve been waiting for along my journey, but wasn’t exactly conscious of or knew they were going to happen. On my drive to Portland, I decided to skip the radio and listen to my small writing group’s discussion on Voxer - our Hope*Circle is … Continue reading What I learned on my drive to Portland


It’s overwhelming some days. Unbearable, actually. Some days I have this indescribable guilt for being happy. When a loved one dies, they don’t hand you a “Grieving for Dummies” book and wish you luck. There are no set rules or even guidelines on how to grieve, how long you should grieve, or what grieving looks … Continue reading guilt


The number of days since you've been gone. It feels like yesterday, it feels like an eternity. That seems to be the theme in my emotions the past few days... mixed and opposite. I'm also starting to miss the little silly things, like adding goodies to my wishlist for you because I know how much … Continue reading seven