Bonus Days

Perspective. Everything is the way you choose to view it. Two people can look at the same situation and view it two different ways.

I heard a story at our Arbonne training conference (by Heather Chastain, our amazing Chief Sales Officer) that illustrated this concept beautifully. It went a little something like this.

The Chastain household is strictly pet-free, for all the same reasons why our parents never wanted us to have pets – food, time, responsibility, etc. Well, Heather was away for business, leaving her husband to man the house and 2 children. Heather received a phone call from the girls, in all of their excitement, that they had gotten a fish. She was, of course, confused as it had been discussed previously that there would be no pets, not even a fish. The girls continued with their excitement and said that they even got 2 bonus days with the fish. Now, Heather was even more confused, so she asked to speak to their father, and she began questioning him about this new fish that came home. She said, “You know those things die in like 2-3 days after you bring them home, right? How are you going to tell them? What is our plan?” Well, her husband said he had already taken care of it and that at the store, he told the girls that fish only live 1 day, and then any days after that are bonus days.

I love this story so much I had told Kenny as soon as I had gotten home from the conference.  Of course, it gave him a chuckle and he said that’s very true and a great way to look at it.

In these past tough, trying few days, I reminded and told Kenny that these are just bonus days. And he smiled and said, “Every day is a bonus day. Especially with you.”


Bonus days. Every day from the day we are born are bonus days. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, tonight, the next hour. Treat every day like a bonus day. I promise life will be much sweeter.

Much love,


14 thoughts on “Bonus Days

    • Hello Danielle, I’m Susan. I’ve known Kenny since a tot. I have some fond memories of him. I was his grandmother Sarah’s hairdresser, Aunt Oneta and Jim’s as well and when Kenny was down for summer vacation his barber too.
      Kenny came to Michael and I’s wedding back in 89. He was funny, full of energy, and life! A couple of weeks after our wedding we went after church service to eat at Luby’s cafeteria with my new in-loves, Jim and Oneta, and our pastor and his family. Oneta reminded Kenny who we were, that he had attended our wedding a couple of weeks ago. Kenny stared at me for a second, it whirling in his head who we were and then he quipped: ” Oh yeah, I was there the night you got pregnant!”
      SUCH a funny memory that I treasure!!! We’ve laughed at that time over and over.
      What a special couple you two are. I admire your strength and resolve to make the best out of the worst. You gave Kenny the best life possible as his wife and caretaker. I so thank you for that. I pray God reveals Himself more than ever to you. You will be surrounded and comforted by His love for you. You’re an amazing woman.
      Yesterdays celebration of Kenny life left me inspired. I hope to keep his light shining in my own life.
      God be near you,


  1. Hi Kenny,
    Jennifer gave me the address to your blog. Just wanted to check in and let you know that my wife and I got you and your family in our prayers. Keep up the positive spirit, you are an inspiration.


  2. Kenny and Danielle, you have perspective and wisdom beyond your years! You are two the strongest people I have ever met. Thanks for sharing…an inspiration as always. Much love, Rachel


  3. Kenny and Danielle,
    This time is such an intimate and precious time in one’s life. Whether it is years, months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes, you are sharing in a milestone together. It is beautiful, devastating, inspiring, and humbling to know that you have been chosen to travel this journey with your love. Sending love from the Hicks Family.


  4. Danielle I just want you to know that I think about this entry almost everyday. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences!! You not only inspire me but remind me to stop and take life in because it’s a gift. I hope we meet someday!!


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