4, 3, 2, 1

4 months before:

I had surprised you with what would be our last trip to our favorite weekend getaway spot, Eureka Springs.  I’m so so glad I took the chance and called last minute to see if they had any open cabins… they had 1.  We were able to eat at our favorite local eatery, we climbed the 100-ft tower together, we antiqued together on the way back home (you and those sports cards… I didn’t think I’d ever get YOU out of the store!)…

3 months before:

We had our first appointment with the OU midwives to start the process of trying to have babies…

2 months before:

We were preparing for the trip down to Dallas for your surgery so they could collect some of your tumor to develop your vaccine.

1 month before:

We would walk our last OKC Memorial 5K together.  We had decided the 2 nights before that we were still doing it, and I had told you I’d push you if you still wanted to do it.  I knew how important it was to you, and if that meant I had to push you for those few short miles, in rain or shine, then I was going to do it.  So glad you let me do that – and I was honored to be the one behind you the whole way.

Everything happened so fast.  Never in a million years would I have thought those last 4 months would lead to what they did.  It really taught me the importance of not waiting to do something, or telling someone how you feel.  Act now. Feel now. Be now.

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